Choosing the length of your fillet knife shouldn’t be stressful. What you need to consider when choosing is what size fish are you going to use this knife for? If you plan on fishing for mahi, choose the 9 inch blade. Or maybe you live in the north and you’re going bass fishing, in this case choose the 7.5 inch blade. Going even smaller? If you’re fishing for perch, go with a 6 inch blade.


Every fisherman’s goal at the end of the day is to fillet their fish with the smallest amount of meat waste possible, right? To limit your amount of meat wasted, you need a thin and flexible blade. This will allow you to maneuver the knife around the bones with maximum control. A non-flexible, thick fillet knife will make a great bait knife, and chopping knife. Needless to say, you won’t want to forget either type of fillet knife on your next fishing trip. And let’s not forget, the sharper the blade the better- please choose a quality steel blade that will stay sharp long after you buy or sharpen it.


The grip and handle to blade seal are both important factors when choosing a fillet knife. You want a comfortable, easily gripped handle when you’re filleting dozens of fish at the end of a fishing trip. For maximum comfort and quality, we recommend both the Sani-Safe and the SofGrip line from Dexter Russell Cutlery. The Sani-Safe handle is textured, slip-resistant, will withstand high or low temperatures. The SofGrip handle offers ultimate grip and control, its soft handle makes it a perfect choice for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist injuries. Both the SofGrip and the Sani-Safe lines have earned the NSF seal which promises an impenetrable blade to handle seal. This is important so sea water and fish don’t create unpleasant odors between the blade and handle.

Sheath or Scabbard

A great fillet knife has to be paired with an equally good sheath or scabbard. After all, you don’t want to walk out the door without it. A fillet knife scabbard should be made of sturdy plastic so it is easy to clean, and durable in the roughest of waters. Ensure the scabbard is going to fit your fillet knife so you don’t damage your blade or yourself. Lastly, so it goes where you do, make sure you choose a sheath with a handle on it so you can clip it to your pants for easy and safe access.


Dexter Russell-24113__96984 Fillet knife

The Dexter Russell Sofgrip 8″ Narrow Fillet Knife features a thin and flexible blade. This makes it the perfect fillet knife for removing every last bit of meat off the bones of your fish. When it comes to the size of your catch, the bigger the fish, the longer the blade should be. Think 6″ blade for perch, a 7.5″ blade for bass, and a 9″ blade for mahi. Not only does the narrow blade make a great filleting knife, but it also makes a great skinning knife. Just keep in mind, the longer the blade, the easier it will be to skin a large fish. Handle ergonomics also plays a big role in fillet knives. You want a handle that you can grip confidently, and one that wont slip in your hand. Dexter Russell’s SofGrip is the best choice for a non-slip handle. Its soft rubber grip will ensure that your hand won’t tire before the job is done. When it comes time to clean and store your knife, we recommend keeping it protected in a sheath. This makes for easy transport and you can safely keep it on your person so it never gets left behind. 

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Dexter-Russell 2473 Boning knife

The Dexter Russell Sani-Safe 8″ Wide Fillet Knife has a much thicker, stiffer blade due to it being wider than the narrow fillet knife. This makes it  perfect for beginning your fillet, and chopping fish, especially those with tough skin.  The handle on this fillet knife differs slightly from the SofGrip style. The Sani-Safe also ensures a slip-resistant surface but with a polypropylene handle. It also withstands high and low temperatures, and has a NSF certified seal to ensure that bacteria and odor will stay out. The wide fillet knife will also pair great with a Dexter Russell plastic scabbard.

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Dexter Russell 29603__99475 Fillet Knife

The Dexter Russell V-Lo 6″ Fisherman’s Flex Fillet Knife features flex points throughout the blade so your steel has flex, but also springs right back to its original shape. This is both a flexible and a sturdy knife. For that reason, this knife will excel at both skinning and filleting your fish. It’s small size makes it a good fit for perch or trout. Size up if you’re fishing for something bigger. The handle on this knife is constructed of Santoprene and polypropylene. This combo makes for a sturdy and comfortable grip, so your hand won’t tire. The Fisherman’s Flex would make a great gift for a fisherman, or a great addition to your fillet knife collection.

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