If you own any knives in your home, you likely already own a chef knife. However, if you’re in the market we’re here to help you make the best decision with our extensive knowledge of all things cutlery. A good chef knife starts with a quality steel blade, preferably one that extends from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle- known as a full tang. A full tang will help give the knife optimal balance, which improves the cut. When choosing the best steel, we recommend finding a high-carbon stainless steel- all our knives listed below are made of this high quality steel. This type of steel is superior to other types of steel because it is rust free, able to retain a sharp edge, and it won’t chip or get brittle with age.


The most typical chef’s knives are found ranging from 8 to 10 inches. Yes, they come in sizes that range from 6 to 12 inches but anything out of the normal 8 to 10 inch range will have extremely limited uses. We recommend you go for the 8 inch chef knife if you are planning on chopping small to mid-sized foods, or if you have a ton of chopping to do. This will ensure your hand and wrist won’t tire, since the more excessively large your blade is, the harder it will be to use for big jobs. If you have a larger hand and wrist and you tend to cut larger meats, fruits, and vegetables, the 9 or 10 inch will better serve its purpose. In the end, if you find yourself using your 8 inch chef knife all the time, but wish you had a bigger option for occasional use- go for it, buy a 10 inch chef knife to give you endless options in the kitchen.


Since the chef knife ranges from 8 to 10 inches most commonly, it is important that you have a comfortable handle with good grip. This is why we recommend the Dexter Russell Sani-Safe and SofGrip product lines. They are both excellent for home and industrial kitchen use, featuring an impervious blade to handle NSF seal, and grip to make sure your knife never slips in your hand. The SofGrip’s main difference from the Sani-Safe is that it has added comfort, making it a perfect match for wrist injuries, or carpal tunnel.


Whether you are after a chef knife that offers full tang for maximum balance and a clean apperance, or a  partial tang with a balanced blade with a handle geared towards comfort, we will leave that choice up to you. A full tang is a great option if you are particularly interested in the overall appearance of your knife. However, if you are on the fence, as long as they are both quality knives partial tang versus full tang really comes down to personal preference. They will both work the same, have the same benefits, and last as long as the other- as long as they are both quality knives, you have no reason to worry.


Dexter Russell-31802_1__34957 Chef Knife

The Dexter Russell iCut-PRO 8″ Forged Chef’s Knife is the perfect knife for the cook in your family. With this knife being on the smaller side, you can dice your onion, chicken, and carrots without fatigue. Simply place what you’re chopping in the middle of the blade, and use a gentle rocking motion to slice and dice your ingredients. This blade is full tang, so this chef knife is built to last. Just keep it sharp with a sharpener you are comfortable with, and your knife is a keeper for life. The iCut-Pro line boasts a forged German stainless steel blade, a lasting blade edge, and a Santoprene handle for utmost grip. This knife is sure to make any novice or experienced cook’s eyes light up the first time they use it, with ease.

Dexter Russell iCut-PRO 8″ Forged Chef’s Knife- Buy Here

Dexter Russell-30404_1__18649 Chef Knife

The Dexter Russell iCut-PRO 10″ Forged Chef’s Knife is also a favorite among cooks. It boasts many of the same features as the 8″ chef knife above, but this one is great for larger jobs. This knife will ease your cutlery worries when you have a large watermelon, brisket, zucchini, or cabbage. You get the just of it, you’ll want to pull out this knife for the larger jobs that don’t require a lot of fine chopping or mincing. We recommend starting with a quality 8″ chef knife. Then once you feel comfortable using the 8″, purchasing a 10″ so you have options. This knife is also an i-CutPro, with a forged German stainless steel blade, and a comfortable non-slip grip. The two really would make a dashing pair in any kitchen, we hope you think so too.

Dexter Russell iCut-PRO 10″ Forged Chef’s Knife- Buy Here

Dexter Russell-24173__70203 Cooks Kinfe

The Dexter Russell SofGrip 12″ Cook’s Knife is not here to intimidate. As every knife has its own uses, we want to make sure you have options and the right information when choosing your knife. When considering the 12″ chef knife, make sure its not your only chef knife. Keep an 8″ chef knife on hand for jobs that require more time and precision. The 12″ knife should not be used for extended periods of time due to hand and wrist fatigue. This knife will come in handy for removing backbones, slicing large watermelon in one cut, cutting very large potatoes, cabbage, or squash. Once you get your initial slices down, you can then then switch to your smaller knife to make smaller cuts. We chose to feature the SofGrip for the 12″ blade because we want you to have the most comfort and grip possible when using the 12″ chef knife. This knife is built to last, with its NSF certified blade to handle seal and its high-carbon steel blade. Lastly, you will find yourself sharpening this blade less than chef’s knives you’ve owned in the past with its unique knife edge geometry.

Dexter Russell SofGrip 12″ Cook’s Knife- Buy Here

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