When choosing a bread knife, you want to take note that the serrations on the blade are set wide apart and pointed at the tip. This will allow for better cuts. A bread knife with rounded serrations is pointless, you want your bread knife to be sharp enough to pierce through hard surfaces after all. When noticing blade thinness or thickness, you want to ensure your blade is thin but not flexible. A thin, nonflexible blade should be your go-to every time you choose a new bread knife.


When it comes to choosing the blade length of your bread knife, take into consideration what size loafs you are cutting. If you tend to only cut small loaves, tomatoes, or other small items, opt for the 8 or 9 inch blade. If you bake large loaves and plan on cutting large melons with your bread knife, opt for the 10 inch blade. If you bake large loaves, small loaves and everything in-between, why not buy an 8 and a 10 inch blade for versatility.


Choosing a proper handle on a new bread knife is simple, this is a large knife so ensure that you have good grip as well as comfort. We recommend steering clear of wood or hard plastic handles- think the bigger the knife, the better quality handle you’ll wish you had.


Bread knives come in varying shapes, depending on your cutting preferences. A straight edge bread knife is for standard cutting, if you have smaller hands this is the knife for you. However, if you find your knuckles hit the cutting board when cutting your loaves, you should choose an offset bread knife. The offset blade to handle will ensure that your knuckles have enough room to comfortably cut. Due to their flimsier nature, offset bread knives come in shorter blade lengths. Lastly, a curved bread knife will allow you to quickly chop your fruits and veggies in a rocking motion. Curved bread knives are also offset from the handle so your knuckles will have more space with this knife as well.


Dexter Russell-13313__90908 Bread Knife

The Dexter Russell Sani-Safe 8” Scalloped Bread Knife is your go-to bread knife. It fits the bill for everyday cutting jobs whether you  are cutting an Italian loaf for dinner or slicing a juicy tomato for lunch. This is a versatile blade, and will fit in most knife blocks.  Just remember, opt for a 9 or 10 inch blade if you plan on slicing large loaves of bread. Otherwise, this is the perfect straight edge bread  knife to fit your culinary needs.

Dexter Russell Sani-Safe 8” Scalloped Bread Knife- Buy Here

Dexter Russell-13583__37132 Bread Knife

The Dexter Russell Sani-Safe 9” Offset Bread Knife features a blade 1 to 2 inches lower than the handle. This gives your knuckles plenty of room to slice comfortably. If you have tried a straight edge bread knife and find it uncomfortable to use, as in your knuckles hit the cutting board, I recommend giving this style a try. However, offset bread knives do not come in longer lengths  due to their flimsier nature. For this reason, it may be best to keep a 10 inch straight edge bread knife on hand for bigger bread loves.

Dexter Russell Sani-Safe 9” Offset Bread Knife- Buy Here

Dexter Russell-31606__89532 Bread knife

The Dexter Russell Basics 8” Scalloped Offset Bread Knife features a curved blade and a slightly offset blade. The curved blade lets you rock your knife as you quickly slice through fruits and veggies that require serration to cut through a difficult top layer. The slight offset gives your knuckles a little extra room to help prevent scraping the cutting board with each slice.

Dexter Russell Basics 8” Scalloped Offset Bread Knife- Buy Here

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