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The Chinese cleaver’s blade is thin and rectangular in shape with a square blade tip. The weight on this knife is centered in the tip of the blade unlike the Western chef knife, making the Chinese cleaver easy to control. You can also make very thin vertical slices thanks to the thin but sturdy blade. The blade excels at every kitchen need-chopping, slicing, dicing, pressing, and crushing. You can use the Chinese cleaver to cut large and small vegetables, and de-boned meats such as chicken and fish. All of Dexter Russell’s Chinese cleavers blades are made of high-carbon steel which ensures a stain-free, long lasting knife.


Chinese cleavers range in sizes from 7 to 11 inches with 8 inches being the most commonly preferred size. The size blade you choose should reflect the size vegetables and meats you plan on cutting with your Chinese cleaver. If you plan on using this knife for its versatility, an 8 to 8.5 inch blade would work best for you due to its lightweight feel and average blade length. Since the blade is mostly straight with a slight curve, you can use the whole blade rather than just the middle. This way you utilize the full length of the blade rather than just the center of the blade like with the Western chef’s knife.


The handle on a Chinese cleaver should be sturdy and comfortable to hold. Since Chinese chef knives are lighter duty than cleavers used for chopping through bone, the handle should be light and strongly attached to the handle for longevity of the knife. Dexter Russell’s Chinese cleavers all have a brass ferrule attaching the blade to the handle for utmost strength.


The shape of Chinese cleavers are rectangular with a square blade tip. The blade on the knife is either straight across or slightly curved for a gentle rocking motion while chopping. The blade may also have a Granton edge which create air pockets between the food and the blade for easy release sticky foods or very thin slices. You don’t want to manually have to peel each slice off of your blade in-between cuts.


Dexter Russell-08282__22631 Chinese Cleaver

The Dexter Russell Traditional 8″x 3 1/4″ Chinese Duo Edge Chefs Knife features a Granton edge, a high-carbon steel blade, and a brass ferrule to ensure your blade to handle seal is inseparable. This Chinese cleaver is a versatile knife that can thinly slice cheese and vegetables that a Western chef’s knife cannot. The blade edge on this cleaver is slightly curved so you have the option of chopping with a gentle rocking motion. This cleaver also enables you to guide the blade with the knuckles of your free hand due to its large blade face. Whether you are looking for a Chinese cleaver to dice tofu, slice fish, crush ginger or garlic, or chop and mince large and small veggies, this knife will make the perfect addition to your kitchen. It simply can do what a Western chef knife or a heavy duty cleaver cannot. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of materials or craftsmanship of this Dexter Russell Chinese cleaver.

Dexter Russell Traditional 8″x 3 1/4″ Chinese Duo Edge Chefs Knife- Buy Here

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